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What we can offer you!!  
Join us!!
Once again we are starting lessons. Our club is offing you two weeks of free lessons. So try it out before deciding that you are having so much fun before realizing that you should of done this earlier.
Most clubs are also offering you a chance to work off some of the wonderful snacks that you will consume during lessons.
We are also offering you the chance to exercise the muscles in your face because you will be laughing and smiling so much that your face will hurt the next day.
With all that we are offering, you would not think that it would get any better than this but wait, it can! We are also offering you a chance to make friendships that will last a lifetime with an opportunity to become family!!

         New Dance Sessions Begin

Date: Tues September 18, 2018

 Location:  Wickliffe Presbyterian Church

                    29955 Ridge Road

                    Wickliffe, Ohio 44092

Time:  7:00pm-9pm

**All ages are welcome

First 2 nights are FREE ( Sept. 18th and Sept 25th)  

Interested or if you just have questions call Becky @ (440)785 - 4038 or Don and Barb @ (440) 946 - 4299 or email [email protected] 



"There is fun for the ladies, there is fun for the guys,

to go square dancing with the Buckeye's. Bring a friend, we don't care. 

Hope to see you in our square. " ~ Mary Dykes

Student Comment

 Denise was a student during the 2009-2010 dancing season; and here are her comments on learning to square dance:

"Denise started "real" square dancing in the fall of 2009 with her fun loving friend, Kate. The Buckeye Squares welcomed us with open arms and do si do's. Before long, our favorite dancin' partners, Bill and Will were coming too. It's better than sudoku for your mind and much more fun than running! She is determined to learn every plus call this year as an angel. "



1st and 3rd Saturdays beginning the 3rd Sat. in September  to May with a special dance the 1st Saturday of June

7:30pm - 10:00pm

Wickliffe Presbyterian Church * * 29955 Ridge Rd. * * Wickliffe * * Ohio * * 44092 

Dancers Choice,Buckeye's
2018 ~ 2019 Buckeye Schedule

Sept 15, 2018
Theme ~ Wild Wild West
Caller ~ John Ramsey

Oct. 6, 2018
Theme ~ Back to Dancing
Caller : John Ramsey
Cuer: Kristy Lake 

Oct. 20, 2018 
Advanced at 7pm
Theme ~ Hocus Pocus/ Halloween 
Caller ~ Ray Wiles
Nov. 3, 2018  
Theme ~ Medieval Fair
Caller ~ John Ramsey
Cuer ~  Kristy Lake 

Nov. 17, 2018 
Theme: Broadway  
Caller ~ Dan Austen

Dec. 1, 2018
Theme ~ Masquerade Ball/ A night of Mystery
Caller ~ John Ramsey

Dec. 15, 2018
Theme ~ Margarita's & Mistletoe
Caller ~ Neil Harnar
Jan. 5, 2019
7pm - 7:30pm ~ A1 Student level
7:30 - 10pm New Dancer Dance
Theme ~ Gonw with the Wind 
Caller ~ John Ramsey

Jan. 19, 2019
Advanced @ 7pm 
Theme ~  Who am I? 
Caller ~ Ray Marsch
Cuer ~ Kristy Lake 

Feb. 2, 2019
Advanced @ 7pm
Theme ~ Super Hero's 
Caller ~ Tom Strickland
Cuer ~ Kristy Lake

Feb 16, 2019
7:30pm ~ A1 Student Level
Theme ~ Mad Hatter ~ Alice in Wonderland Tea Party 
Caller ~ John Ramsey 

March 2, 2019
Theme ~ Disney Party
Caller ~ Tom Mahoney

March 16, 2019
7pm - 7:30pm ~ A1 Student Level
7:30pm - 10pm ~ Student Level
Theme ~ Pajama Dance 
Caller ~ John Ramsey 
Cuer ~ Kristy Lake 
April 6, 2019
Theme ~ Hee Haw & Pie Night
Caller ~ John Ramsey
Cuer ~ Kristy Lake  

May 18, 2019 
Theme ~ Cupcakes & Ice Cream 
Caller ~ John Ramsey 
Cuer ~ Kristy Lake

June 1, 2019
Hot Dog Dance
Advanced @ 7pm
Callers ~ John Ramsey & Ray Wiles
Cuer ~ Kristy Lake 

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        Let me bore you with the health                     benefits from WebMD!! 

            Good for Body and Mind

With all its moving, twisting, and turning, square dancing provides more than the daily dose of heart- and bone-healthy physical activity. Remembering all the calls -- from "do-si-do" to 'alemand' -- keeps the mind sharp, potentially staving off age-related memory loss, experts say. And the companionship that regular square dancing offers is an antidote to depression and loneliness, a statement confirmed by square-dancing advocates everywhere.

'If You Can Walk, You Can Square Dance'

McKinley knows what he's talking about. Square dancing contributes to a more healthy and independent lifestyle, says Lewis Maharam, MD, a sports medicine specialist in New York City and president of the Greater New York Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine."Anything that keeps you active will keep you healthier and feeling younger. In most cases if you can walk, you can square dance, but it's good advice to talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen," says Maharam, also medical director of the Suzuki Rock 'n' Roll Marathon® in San Diego, the Country Music Marathon™, and the New York City Marathon."Any weight-bearing exercise, including square dancing, is a major benefit as one ages," he says. Weight-bearing exercise improves bone health and thus may help stave off the brittle-bone disease osteoporosis."Square dancing also helps you with the feeling of where you are in space and with coordination, and this may reduce falls and chances for fractures," says Maharam. "Regular square dancing may boost endurance, and being able to tolerate longer bouts of moving faster may result in improved cardiac function as the heart, a muscle, can become more efficient if trained. Square dancing can be considered a type of cross training, which helps to offset the muscle loss and strength loss typically associated with normal aging."